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 What is Won Meditation

  • Won means “circle” in Korean. The circle symbolizes the ultimate truth of the universe which is voidness, completeness, and rightness. By understanding the principle of Won, modeling ourselves wholeheartedly on the truth of one circle, we cultivate and nurture a pure and clear mind. 

  • Won Buddhism offers people a way to cultivate their own divine nature and awaken to the truth of Won. To manifest our true nature, we can train the mind through meditation and mindfulness, and realize the perpetual infinite gratitude which we receive and give from the universe. Therefore, the key tenets of Won Buddhism are mind practice and gratitude; these can be the keys to live our life without suffering.

  • Won Buddhism of Colorado offers the Won Meditation Teacher Certificate Program which is designed to offer knowledge and experience to be a competent teacher of meditation based on Won Buddhism teachings. The program includes understanding of Won Buddhist teachings, general concepts of meditation, various meditation styles such as Dhan-jeon sitting meditation, Mindfulness meditation, Chanting meditation, Koan meditation, Prayer meditation, Loving-Kindness Meditation, Moving meditation, Walking meditation, and so on.​

  • Deepen your practice and nurture your physical and emotional well-being. Show up in your life and work as a strong and healthy individual inspired to help people in your life. The combination of different styles of meditations and Won Buddhist teachings is easy to follow and to teach. It is also both an energizing and calming practice with a variety of different movement exercises that will bring you and the people you share it with tools to manage stress and empower their lives on all levels.

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